My Girl Scout Origin Story


Welcome to my Leader’s Corner.  Here on Just Us Girls Crafting, I plan on discussing my thoughts as a Girl Scout Leader.  I will also discuss how to volunteer with Girl Scouts, help you navigate the waters of becoming a Girl Scout Volunteer and provide helpful tips for new Girl Scout volunteers and Leaders. First let me tell you about my Girl Scout experience, my Girl Scout Origin Story.

When I was a child, I had always wanted to be a Girl Scout.  I loved that they earned badges, learned new things and went on adventures.  Yes, at that young age, field trips were adventures to me.  There were girls in my class who were Girl Scouts and they would always talk about the fun things they did.  I remember asking my mom if I could join and she said that we didn’t have enough money to join Girl Scouts, for their uniform or their meeting dues.  So…I was never a Girl Scout when I was a child.

Fast forward about 30 or so years, my own daughter is about the same age as I was when I asked my mom to join Girls Scouts.  I was a volunteer for her teacher and while I was in the front office, making copies for her teacher, I see a flyer for Girl Scouts lying on a table in the school’s front office.   I immediately pick it up, read it and made a copy for myself.  When it came time to pick up my daughter after school, I talked to her about and explained what Girl Scouts was.  She was interested and wanted to join.  I went online and searched for where I could go to sign my daughter up or what I needed to do.  However, at that time, the Girl Scout website wasn’t very helpful, but back then, website technology isn’t what it is today.  I found out where the local office was and their hours.  I went on my day off and visited.  I remember that I walked into the office and told the receptionist that I wanted to sign my daughter up for Girl Scouts and that she had a funny look on her face.  I was then shown the way to an office and spoke to one of the ladies in an office.  Needless to say, she signed not only my daughter up as a Girl Scout, but she also signed me up as a troop leader.  I was excited!  I get to FINALLY be a Girl Scout!  So I jumped head first into my new objective, to get my training done and get our troop up and started.   It was great fun, not just for my daughter, but for me too.  We both enjoyed the things we did and the things we learned.  My daughter started her Girl Scout experience at the Brownie level and stayed in until the first year at the Junior Level.  For my daughter, it was three years of learning leadership skills, the art of compromise, camping, and having fun!  For me, it was all of that plus learning how to organize a team of parents, coordinate trips, and the art of compromise at the adult level as well.  The troop lasted until the end of the first year at the junior level.  At that time, the girls entered middle school and the weight of homework outweighed the troop meeting and events, so our troop disbanded.

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My daughter bridging from Brownie to Junior level
My daughter and I at the Mommy, Teddy-bear and Me Tea after the bridging ceremony.

Fast forward again, another 10 years to today, my daughter is now about to turn 21 years old, she is in college, and it is just me, my husband and our dogs at home.  Yes, I was empty-nesting pretty hard.  I decided I wanted to get back into Girl Scouts.  I went online and signed up and waited, and waited, and waited.  I waited three whole months before calling their main office.  I don’t know what happened, but when I called, I was finally assigned a troop number and told that although the Council office would be trying to recruit girls for my troop, I should go out and try also.  So, with the help of the Council office who made copies of flyers, I started delivering a handful of flyers to the local schools around my area on my day off from work.   It was a slow start but we finally got the troop up and running.  I got the required co-leaders, and started planning our Girl Scout year.  That was last May, we are nearing our 1 year anniversary as a troop and I totally love my girls.  They are bright, smart and so caring!  We are a multi-level troop and we have daisies, brownies and juniors.  I attend all of the training I needed, most of my Service Unit meetings, and meet with parents when need be.  I have also volunteered in my Service Unit as their Registrar and their Recruiter and I love every minute of it!

So that is my Girl Scout origin story.  I hope you like it and that it encourages you to sign your daughter or yourself up with Girl Scouts.  I truly believe, that Girl Scouts has been a big influence on the beautiful, generous, caring, smart young woman my daughter has become. 

Please, if you have any questions about Girl Scouts, volunteering, or signing your daughter up with Girl Scouts, please comment below.  I read and answer all comments as quick as I can.

An Introverts Guide to Conferences

Hi there!

So my Mom and I went to a 5-day conference last April called Craftcation in Ventura California, it was so much fun but being an introvert at a place meant for social activity and networking can be kind of exhausting. So here are some of my tips for introverts at conferences!

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1. Your hotel room is your best friend!
Whether too many people tried to talk to you or you feel a bit overwhelmed by being at the conference you’ve been waiting to go to for months, you can always catch your breath and rest in between classes and workshops in your hotel room. Your hotel room can be a real sanctuary for some alone time to recharge before going to class. I don’t know how many times I stopped by my room for some peace and quiet (and a little crafting) before heading back out into the social seas of Craftcation.

2. Get socialization out of the way first
A conference is a very social setting and a great chance to network and make connections and friends. This can be very stressful and exhausting for an introvert, so my tip is to get it out of the way first. One of the first things I did when I got to craftcation was go to a social meetup for introverts and first-timers. I got a good four or five conversations in and I didn’t feel guilty about keeping to myself for the rest of the conference. So get it out of the way first and then you don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity to network. That way you can get the best of both worlds.

3. Cell Phones can be a great crutch
A lot of introverts use phones as crutches so they don’t have to talk to people and to look busy, personally, I do it all the time. While most people would say they are too enveloped in their phone, it is actually encouraged at conferences! If you are waiting for a class to start you can just whip out your phone, and start posting to social media and no one will think you are rude. In fact, most conferences have a hashtag that they encourage you to use so everyone can see the pictures! The one for the craftcation we attended was #craftcation18 and I posted most of the pictures on Instagram while trying to wait for a class without talking to people.

4. Go with someone
Of course, I’m not trying to say that an introvert can’t go alone but it is a lot easier especially when you’re with a socialite who can pick up most of the slack in a conversation. As I mentioned before I went to craftcation with my mom and while she’s not super social, she is far from an introvert and she helped a lot by taking the brunt of the conversation all while still referring to me and keeping me in the conversation without making me talk. I realize not everyone can go to a conference with my amazing mom, however, it is usually a good idea to bring someone along so you can get out of a particularly exhausting conversation if the need arises.

5. Have fun
I know this sounds extraordinarily cliche but I mean it, try to focus on going to classes that excite you and conversations won’t seem so tiring. I went to Amy Tan’s class on travelers notebooks and I was so excited I spoke to almost everyone at my table and it didn’t feel that exhausting since I was having so much fun with what we were making!

With these tips in mind, I hope your next conference is as fun as Craftcation was for my Mom and me!  Do you guys have any other tips for introverts that I didn’t add? Let me know in the comments!

Welcome to Craftcation 2018

Hello from beautiful Ventura, California!   Today we are coming at you from Craftcation – business + makers conference.  Craftcation is the brainchild of DearHandMadeLife and is four days of business classes and creative workshops for Makers and Crafters.  Elena and I are both excited to be here, meet new people and to learn new crafts.

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When I checked in yesterday, I got a tote bag full of goodies.  Inside were a pair of scissors, paint samples, and other tools that I have never seen before  There were washi tape samples, a notebook for class notes, and a lot of advertisements, some that are very interesting.  Craftcation has garnered primo sponsors in the crafting world including Darice, Bernina, DMC and JOANN. All of which I am excited to visit those who have booths!

They had some pre-classes on Wednesday and I was able to attend my first sewing class.  I have never used a sewing machine before and I had a great helper named Carol.  Our project for the class was to make an A-line skirt.  It could either be a straight skirt or a full skirt but that was up to me.  I thought I would opt for a full skirt, but the after doing the sewing well, lets just say that it will need some tailoring.  It was a bit too poufy and will need to be altered.  I really enjoyed being a beginner sewer and I look forward to learning more.  This is one new craft that I would like to pursue more.

Today, I am starting off with some yoga on the beach, a class on brush lettering, learning how to use your DSLR camera, and hopefully metal stamping.  After which will be the Keynote speaker and dinner.

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Dolly Long Legs – Out of My Knitting Comfort Zone

Hey there!  So until recently my most advanced project was a striped scarf,  I’ve been staying in my comfort zone for a while…. A long while.  I’m starting to get into more things since I started watching Knit and Crochet Now! and Knitting Daily, and I saw them make this doll in stockinette stitch. I thought hey I could maybe probably do that. So I decided to start my new project, Dolly Long Legs!  I printed the pattern from Knit and Crochet Now! and got to work! It took a while, there was a lot more measuring than I’m used to and I didn’t even know what batting was (thank goodness for my mom), however I eventually got it!

Read more about my knitting outside my comfort zone in making Dolly Long Legs for my sister.

I learned some new techniques, like a three needle bind off and the mattress stitch to seam up the doll. I haven’t sewed anything by hand before, but for this project it was fairly easy. I also learned how to make a french knot thanks to my mom and a satin stitch that we used to make her mouth.  It was particularly helpful that I could watch the show over and over as much as I wanted, since I had recorded it and put the pattern  together with some visual instructions. I was also really lucky that my mom had the batting I needed because I had no clue I even needed it but I finally did it and put together a doll for my little step-sister, Ashlee!  She loved her Dolly Long Legs!  It was really fun making it and I think Ashlee will have a lot of fun playing with it. Making gifts for people is one of my favorite things about knitting!

Working on Dolly Long Legs also helps me practice designing, when I make clothes for the doll, taking measurements and things like that. It’s good for a beginner even though it seems somewhat complicated.  I’ll post the link to the pattern I used here, it’s free to download but for now it’s back to knitting so see ya soon!

I’m a Re-Upholster Newbie

I love working on DIY project.  No…I really do!  If I can’t find what I need, I am usually make it myself.  I must confess that I am a Re-Upholster Newbie.   When it’s my first time creating something, I usually search first to see how it is done, if it is a relatively an easy project or if it will take a long time to complete.

Confessions of a DIY'er - I'm a Re-upholster Newbie -DIY, DIY Home Decor, Re-Upholster Newbie

I was a bit apprehensive when starting my re-upholstered chair project.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me give you the back story of how I got to re-upholstering a chair.  Several moths ago, I got a text from one of my loving sisters who said she found a chair at a yard sale that she believed I could use in my craft room.  She was going to buy it for me and she said that she had material that would look great on the chair and even better in my craft room.

After she purchased the chair, life happened and it was a few moths before I could come and pink it up.  When she showed me the material she had, I felt in love with the project.  After getting the chair home, my husband and I discussed the project and he told me how easy it was to re-upholster the chair myself.  So fast forward another few months, at work one day, I decided to go home early and work on the project.  When I got home and after changing into some comfortable craft clothing, I gathered my supplies and tools together for the project.  Here are the steps I took:

  1. Gather your project supplies and tools together.
  2. Unscrew the seat from the chair. My husband helped me determined which crews to take out.
  3. Gently remove all of the staples from the underside of the seat.
  4. Using the current cover that you just took off as a template, cut your material out. I added an extra 2 inches in case I made any mistakes.
  5. Using the same foam cushion (because mine was still in good condition) staple the cover back to the seat of your chair.
  6. Screw the seat back onto the chair to reassemble.

DIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home Decor

Viola!  You have re-upholstered your chair!  The whole process took a total of 2 hours for me.  I love my newly re-upholstered chair!  Have you re-upholstered a chair before?  Comment and let me know how it went with you.  I look forward to reading your comments.

Knitted Baby Care Package

One of our close friend just had a baby, so I decide it would be a great time to pull out all my baby patterns and make a baby care package. So I knitted for a long time and put together a little care package, it has all the essentials, hats, booties, a blanket, a jacket, and even little fingerless gloves.

Knit, knitting, diy, baby clothes, baby care package

I tried to make everything in as many sizes as the patterns allowed for. Especially since I didn’t know what size the baby was gonna be. Except for the Jacket because there was only one size and the jacked up jacket is a story for another day anyway.

Beanie, baby beanie, knit, knitting, diy

The first thing I worked on was the baby blanket I made it with size 13 needles, in stockinette stitch so that could personalize it a bit. So I worked on it and duplicated the stitches to embroider the baby’s name. I also made the blanket red and gold since my friend was a Harry Potter fan and even named the baby after one of the characters.

The rest of the package were cute essentials like baby booties and cute little hats. The baby booties were super fun to make and only took me like two hours. They were knitted flat and just seemed up the back. There is a sections of the pattern where you move back and forth, turning in the middle of the row to make the part that covers the top of the foot. It took a few tries to get it right but it came out super cute.

baby booties, knitted baby booties, knit, knitting, diy baby fingerless gloves, baby gloves, knitting, knit, diyI also made matching fingerless gloves, when they were finished they were so small I was certain it was too small for a baby but hey if it fits, it fits. They were also pretty easy to make and so cute.  The baby hats were made much the same way, knitted flat and seamed up the back. It also was a really great decreasing practice.

Making the whole package was so much fun and a real learning experience. I was working on it so much though that every time my little step sister Ashlee saw me she would stare at it really hard and then ask me “for the baby right, not me?”


So maybe my next project will be making Ashlee some fingerless gloves but for now it’s back to knitting, so see ya soon!


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Welcome to Just Us Girls Crafting!

Here at Just Us Girls Crafting, we hope you enjoy visiting our site and find creative inspiration and encouragement.  “We” are Patricia Stanard and Elena Jacobson, a mother-daughter duo who love crafting and continuing our family line of creative DIY makers.

The family line includes my grandmother Elena, she is who I named my daughter after.  Grandma Elena had a sewing machine in her bedroom, knitted, had a divided linen closet with one side holding her household linen and the other side, all of her fabric, notions, yarn, and sewing and knitting tools, and helped disadvantage children in Mexico with her creativeness.   My Grandma Vicenta, well I never met her because she past away when my father was 7 years old.  My dad told me that she made all of the clothes that his sister, brothers and himself wore, and their home decor.  My mom – The saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” was never more true and taught more to me then by my mom.  It is from her that I learned how to look for what I needed in this world and if it wasn’t available, then make it myself.  My mom taught her older daughters, my sisters, how to knit and crochet and how to sew from patterns when they were young girls.  Then when they went to Jr. High and High School, they took Home Economics, this is where my sisters advanced their knowledge and skill.  By the time it came around to my younger sister and I to be taught these skills several years later, her work schedule prevented her from teaching us and Home Economics was no longer taught in school.  Then there is me, Patricia Stanard.  I became self taught in all of my crafts skills including embroidery and hand sewing due to my upbringing during the time of personal computers coming into existence and the advancement of Google search.  Although my mom tried to teach me how to knit, I did not have the patience for it.  She did teach me how to crochet and that stuck.  I am so grateful that my daughter is very patient and learned how to knit from my mom and that craft will be continued in our family.  I have taught my daughter how to scrapbook and I hope how to look at things creatively and be inspired by the most unexpected things.

And the legacy continues with my daughter, Elena Jacobson.  She is incredibly talented though she would never admit it.  Like I said earlier, she learned how to knit from her grandma, my mom and learned how to scrapbook from me.  She also learned how to cross-stitch, create flip-books and is hoping to learn how to sew.  This is my family heritage that I am proud to be a part of and am very happy that it will continue on for generations to come.

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We hope you enjoy our site. All of our projects are handmade by either Elena or I. Enjoy and if you have any questions or comments, you can comment below or you can email us at We read and respond to all emails/comments within 72 hours.

Thanks for visiting and happy crafting!!