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Patricia has been creative since she was 8 when she built her own puppet theater (with the help of her older sister) to put on a show for her mom and younger sister. She loves fiber embellishments, embroidery, photography, planner decor, and learning crocheting. Patricia also is a genealogist and volunteers as a webmaster for several non-profit organizations.

Welcome to Craftcation 2018

Hello from beautiful Ventura, California!   Today we are coming at you from Craftcation – business + makers conference.  Craftcation is the brainchild of DearHandMadeLife and is four days of business classes and creative workshops for Makers and Crafters.  Elena and I are both excited to be here, meet new people and to learn new crafts.

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When I checked in yesterday, I got a tote bag full of goodies.  Inside were a pair of scissors, paint samples, and other tools that I have never seen before  There were washi tape samples, a notebook for class notes, and a lot of advertisements, some that are very interesting.  Craftcation has garnered primo sponsors in the crafting world including Darice, Bernina, DMC and JOANN. All of which I am excited to visit those who have booths!

They had some pre-classes on Wednesday and I was able to attend my first sewing class.  I have never used a sewing machine before and I had a great helper named Carol.  Our project for the class was to make an A-line skirt.  It could either be a straight skirt or a full skirt but that was up to me.  I thought I would opt for a full skirt, but the after doing the sewing well, lets just say that it will need some tailoring.  It was a bit too poufy and will need to be altered.  I really enjoyed being a beginner sewer and I look forward to learning more.  This is one new craft that I would like to pursue more.

Today, I am starting off with some yoga on the beach, a class on brush lettering, learning how to use your DSLR camera, and hopefully metal stamping.  After which will be the Keynote speaker and dinner.

Watch out for our other posts on #Craftcation18 and what new crafts we learn.  Wanna see more of what we do at #Craftcation2018?  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will be posting pictures and stories.


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I’m a Re-Upholster Newbie

I love working on DIY project.  No…I really do!  If I can’t find what I need, I am usually make it myself.  I must confess that I am a Re-Upholster Newbie.   When it’s my first time creating something, I usually search first to see how it is done, if it is a relatively an easy project or if it will take a long time to complete.

Confessions of a DIY'er - I'm a Re-upholster Newbie -DIY, DIY Home Decor, Re-Upholster Newbie

I was a bit apprehensive when starting my re-upholstered chair project.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me give you the back story of how I got to re-upholstering a chair.  Several moths ago, I got a text from one of my loving sisters who said she found a chair at a yard sale that she believed I could use in my craft room.  She was going to buy it for me and she said that she had material that would look great on the chair and even better in my craft room.

After she purchased the chair, life happened and it was a few moths before I could come and pink it up.  When she showed me the material she had, I felt in love with the project.  After getting the chair home, my husband and I discussed the project and he told me how easy it was to re-upholster the chair myself.  So fast forward another few months, at work one day, I decided to go home early and work on the project.  When I got home and after changing into some comfortable craft clothing, I gathered my supplies and tools together for the project.  Here are the steps I took:

  1. Gather your project supplies and tools together.
  2. Unscrew the seat from the chair. My husband helped me determined which crews to take out.
  3. Gently remove all of the staples from the underside of the seat.
  4. Using the current cover that you just took off as a template, cut your material out. I added an extra 2 inches in case I made any mistakes.
  5. Using the same foam cushion (because mine was still in good condition) staple the cover back to the seat of your chair.
  6. Screw the seat back onto the chair to reassemble.
DIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home DecorDIY, Re-upholster Chair, Home Decor, DIY Home Decor

Viola!  You have re-upholstered your chair!  The whole process took a total of 2 hours for me.  I love my newly re-upholstered chair!  Have you re-upholstered a chair before?  Comment and let me know how it went with you.  I look forward to reading your comments.

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