Hi everyone!!  Yes, I have bit the bullet and decided to sign up as a girl scout troop leader again.  Again, you ask?  Yes, I was the girls scout troop leader for my daughter.  We started in Girl Scouts as a Brownie, then she bridged to a Junior.  We were in a troop for about three years.

Why am I becoming a troop leader again now that my little girl will turn 20 next month?  Well I am now officially an empty-nester.  My daughter attends college and I don’t see her as often although we are constantly texting or phoning each other.  I currently volunteer for a couple non-profits but I am still feeling empty.  I remember that joy I felt when I was a leader, when a girl would learn something new and actually get it.  They have a smile so beautiful and was full of happiness, it is something you don’t forget.

This time, I am planning on starting as a Daisy troop leader. This is a whole new experience for me as I never trained before as a daisy troop leader.  The difference now is that everything is online registration and most of the leader training.  Although that helps with my schedule, I am not a fan of the all online basic leader training but that is just me.  I have registered with Girl Scout online and I am waiting to pass the background check. Once I have officially passed, I will get an email letting me know which service unit I belong to and when they have their monthly leader’s meeting.  I feel that this is essential to being a good leader.  When you attend their monthly meetings, you learn everything that is going on in your service unit and you meet other leaders.  Click here, to find out about becoming a troop leader.

What does this mean to this blog?  It means that I will be including posts about my girl scout leader experience, what craft items we planned and have completed, and tips that might be helpful for other leaders.  So if your interested, look for the Girl Scouts tab in the menu above and read along.