Hey there!  So until recently my most advanced project was a striped scarf,  I’ve been staying in my comfort zone for a while…. A long while.  I’m starting to get into more things since I started watching Knit and Crochet Now! and Knitting Daily, and I saw them make this doll in stockinette stitch. I thought hey I could maybe probably do that. So I decided to start my new project, Dolly Long Legs!  I printed the pattern from Knit and Crochet Now! and got to work! It took a while, there was a lot more measuring than I’m used to and I didn’t even know what batting was (thank goodness for my mom), however I eventually got it!

Read more about my knitting outside my comfort zone in making Dolly Long Legs for my sister.  www.justusgirlscrafting.com

I learned some new techniques, like a three needle bind off and the mattress stitch to seam up the doll. I haven’t sewed anything by hand before, but for this project it was fairly easy. I also learned how to make a french knot thanks to my mom and a satin stitch that we used to make her mouth.  It was particularly helpful that I could watch the show over and over as much as I wanted, since I had recorded it and put the pattern  together with some visual instructions. I was also really lucky that my mom had the batting I needed because I had no clue I even needed it but I finally did it and put together a doll for my little step-sister, Ashlee!  She loved her Dolly Long Legs!  It was really fun making it and I think Ashlee will have a lot of fun playing with it. Making gifts for people is one of my favorite things about knitting!

Working on Dolly Long Legs also helps me practice designing, when I make clothes for the doll, taking measurements and things like that. It’s good for a beginner even though it seems somewhat complicated.  I’ll post the link to the pattern I used here, it’s free to download but for now it’s back to knitting so see ya soon!

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