Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a Just Us Girls Crafting update. I know that I haven’t posted very often, but we have had some family issues since about mid 2018.

In mid 2018, my mom had to move to an assisted living facility. Since then, we have had issues with her care and her falling several times. Fast forward to a week after the State’s stay at home order and I got a call that my mom fell again. Of course, my siblings and I were not able to go see her which was heartbreaking of us. She is doing better, she is recuperating at a skilled nursing facility and what is the silver lining about this situation? (Yes, there is a silver lining.) The Silver lining is that we were able to remove my mom from the horrid assisting living facility and once she fully recuperates, she will be moved to a facility that is better equipped to handle dementia/Alzheimer patients AND it is closer to where I live. With my older sister moving out of the country, I am the second person on the list as my mom’s power of attorney so it is better to have her 15 minutes away from me instead of 40-50 minutes away she was originally. My siblings and I are so very happy for this change. This situation is the whole reason why I have not posted as much here or on my social media accounts. With the new living facility on my mom’s horizon, I won’t be so stressed and I will have more time to contribute and post hereon Just Us Girls Crafting website.

Now the reason why my daughter, Elena hasn’t posted as much is because, she had to have surgery and that put her schooling behind schedule so she is now hustling trying to make up the time she missed and it has put her creative endeavors behind as well.

What are my plans for my upcoming posts? Well, since I have returned to Girl Scouts and have a troop, I have several post ideas on the crafts we did with a few using my Cricut machine. I also have Happy Planner posts ideas too. I have been using it for a little over a year, and I have a project that I have been brewing in the back of my mind. I have been brewing on the idea of using my Happy Planner for my Girl Scout troop and how to accomplish that task. I haven’t seen any, and I mean ANY posts or etsy sticker shops that produce the Happy Planner Girl Scout products I need, so it looks like I might have to create my own or adapt current Happy Planner products to fit my needs. I only found one YouTube video on how a Happy Planner used her Happy Planner for her Girl Scout Troop. Although it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, she had really good ideas and I took lots of notes. My first step is to determine exactly what my needs are, then once that has been determined, see what Happy Planner has that I can convert to my needs. This is on top of all of my other creative projects that I am wanting to work on too such as my crocheting and embroidering and, I know its embarrassing, but I STILL haven’t put together my wedding album. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this October and I still have no wedding album put together. I know….i know.

So, that is the latest and you are now up to date. I hope that you continue to follow our site, connect with us on our social media pages, and stay creative. 🙂

Remember, stay safe and stay healthy!

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