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My experience applying for the Happy Planner Squad - 2020-2021. @the_happy_planner

Happy Planner Squad 2020-2021

So I did this thing the week before my birthday, I applied to be on the Happy Planner Squad 2020-2021.  The Happy Planner Squad is their ambassador program.  They select approximately 20 people to represent their brand and the term of being on this squad is for one year. I stepped out of my comfort […] Read more…

Just Us Girls Crafting Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a Just Us Girls Crafting update. I know that I haven’t posted very often, but we have had some family issues since about mid 2018. In mid 2018, my mom had to move to an assisted living facility. Since then, we have had issues with her care […] Read more…


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