For many years, having planner peace evaded me, it was always just outside of my reach.  When I was a junior in High School, I purchased my very first planner; a Day Runner.  I also found the Day-Timer and the At A Glance brand from Staples. Ever since then, I was unsettled in how my planners worked for me and their lack of fitting into my needs.  All of them never fit my needs 100%.

Please note: this is not an affiliated blog post. I am not a squad member, nor do I get paid for anything I am saying about the Happy Planner or its products.

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It wasn’t until I came across my very first Happy Planner Mini, the Miss Maker.  First, I fell in love with Miss Maker.  I felt that she was me, crafty and making anything she needs.  Then as I looked inside the planner, I noticed the discs.  They have hearts in the center.  I love all things hearts!  That sealed my fate in being a Happy Planner fan for life.

When I looked at the rest of the Happy Planner display in the store, I realized that papers can easily be taken in and out of the planner, and that they had many different paper packages I could use to keep my life organized along with their stickers.  AND OH, THEIR STICKERS!  My creative heart was filled to the brim with happiness as I purchased several sticker books, each and every payday for the next several months.  They have sticker books with themes that would fit a lot of personalities.  My personal favorites are the flowers, the planner squad stickers, and the boss babe style stickers.

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They also hooked me at the positivity and encouraging messages they have in their sticker books.  As I grew more and more connected to the brand, I found that their mission to “Spread happy wherever we go and to empower people everywhere to embrace the positive and plan a Happy Life”, to be a mission statement I could get behind and incorporate into my personal life.

Although, Happy Planner may not have all of the page templates that I need, like the YouTube Video Channel Planner template I used to plan all of my You Tube videos.  I know that whatever I purchase off of Etsy or design on my own, I can fit into my planner anywhere I want it to go.

It is because of this ability to customize the Happy Planner line of planners that I use, that gives me planner peace.  I no longer get frustrated because a planner doesn’t allow me to add in pages because they are bound, or that I don’t have the hole-punch that would make the paper fit in the planner I was using, or I can’t customize and decorate it the way I want.

Thank you Happy Planner.  Since 2018, I have found planner peace due to your products and you have a planner customer for life. So, if you can’t find planner peace with your planner, take a look at the Happy Planner product line.  I can attest to its customization and ease of use. 

If you have any questions regarding the Happy Planner line, its use, or anything planner related, please leave me a comment.  I read and answer them all.

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